Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yet Another Intriguing Find

Life can be sweet.

And this is how it began...

The Bonds is a rewarding experience, indispensable food for thought. The many personal epiphanies bridges concepts and blows your minds with focused solutions.

Out of desire to help resolve conflicts- large and small- this book is one that curtails 'facts and fables' that get you thinking on your feet.
 The purpose of the book is seen as its capacity to relate to other people at a deeper level of truth.

......This is How it continues 

What is truly special, is the way the healing takes place in  a way unimaginable. The personal and reading group guide is a pleasant finishing touch at the end of the book.

Your 3-in-1 Gift Idea~ Gifts of a Lifetime  
Because, it changes lives, softens hearts and improve relationships. The message it brings is one that will ring true to every person. 
-You may find yourself passing it on to everyone you know and love.
-Many have noticed using it in their conversations.
- This book provokes much deep thought and introspection.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gifts for a LifeTime- Your Faithful Companion

Looking  for Gift Ideas for Someone? 

Maybe your team-players at football, colleagues at work, your boss.... maybe a treat to yourself or even your neighbor?

.............An OUT-OF-BOX, ONE OF A KIND Gift?

 A Gift to empower, to rescue, to carry  your name proudly with a 'Yours truly,"

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Open your minds,  Exploring Books Galore.....

The Anatomy of Peace provides a stimulating read, with addressing deep clarity and simplicity in its messages. It has not only been described as an enthralling story on peacemaking, demonstrating ideas and principles that work in the family, at the workplace and even for the work stage. A rare find, this book is full of practical wisdom, yet packed with profound implications, offering solutions to conflicts ranging from the personal to the global.
Yet another great gift... the Leadership and Self-Deception- Getting Out of the Box' consists of gripping lessons exploring fulfilling relationships, tolerance, and most importantly, self enrichment.

The Leadership and Self-Deception book is currently also available in more than twenty-one languages. The book not only helps us to see how we actually cause the problems we think are caused by other people but also unwittingly perpetuate the very problems we think we are trying to solve.
Both the Anatomy of Peace and Leadership & Self-Deception are not only perfect gifts to anyone... but it reaches out to personal understandings never seen before... Power in Value it impacts-- it changes-- it rewards one's thoughts, actions at a promising point of view. 
 The two books shown here are not merely books BUT a truly faithful companion which will remain as a GIFT for a lifetime.    
Book Galore! - Anatomy of Peace, Leadership & Self-Deception     

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dispelling Conspiracy Theories: Workplace Collusions

Firstly a sincere thanks for simply just being here! 

Collusion spreads far and wide, the result is that coworkers poison themselves against coworkers, workgroups against workgroups and departments against departments.

'Problems can be nipped in the bud!': F5 Networks Shares Insights of Arbinger

Grace Cheong (HR Director) from F5 Networks shares with us her experience at the 'Choice at Work' with Arbinger Institute in Singapore.

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Workplace Collusion 

Workplace collusion significantly impact individuals and ultimately take a toll on organizational productivity. 

To understand the conspiracy theories of workplace collusion, one must identify and eliminate the various hidden agendas, silo mentality, office 'politics' or 'turf wars' resulting to collusions. 

Do these situations ring a bell?

Is stress caused by internal conflicts affecting your ability to lead?
• Noticed a breakdown in communication damaging teamwork efforts?
• How about deteriorating relationships resulting to low morale

Once the vicious cycle of collusion spreads, employees will soon find themselves unfocused on organizational objectives. A serious implication beneath workplace collusion is the built up of  blame culture within managements.

The idea behind work collusion suggests a deeper understanding of what it means, what it doesn't mean and how to solve the problem so that it becomes a model for solving problems in the future.

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To solve workplace collusions when they start, we need to pursue a deeper understanding of what collusions really mean, how they happen and the root cause. This will allow us to create a sustainable model for solving problems (collusions) in the future.

Arbinger’s unique ideas now allow us to empower leaders with the knowhow and strategies to create work-cultures where people can unleash their potential and consistently deliver outstanding results with deeper clarity.