Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lighten Your Day

 Lighten Your day

" We are at your happiest when we are out of the BOX!" In just changing our Way of Being we are open to experience the happiness, freedom and choice we have on

Many of us know that the secret to self-betrayal is just that, but some of us still fall resistant to our senses...many times making our days are heavier than the usual...

Read on to find out what a leader said to lighten his staff's day...

This was a 30 second Speech by Bryan Dyson (CEO of Coca Cola)

"Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the
                           air. You name them -
                                and Spirit
                and you're keeping all of these in the Air.

You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back.

But the other four Balls - Family, Health, Friends and Spirit - are made of
glass. If you drop one of these; they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked,
nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must
                    understand that and strive for it."


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reframing Mindsets

The first of every year marks a traditional milestone for re-framing as people make new years resolutions based upon parts of themselves or aspects of their lives that they wish to improve. These resolutions may include losing weight, finding a better way to improve grades, continuing education, improving free throw shooting and so on.

The new year resolutions are often met with initial excitement that inspires behavior towards the goals and the beginning of change. However as time persist the reason for change loses priority or the motivation for the change becomes weak or perhaps the change did not appear to be occurring fast enough and subsequently the person gave up. Re-framing may be a continuous process that includes factors such as commitment, strategy, action, contemplation, and maintenance. 

Just as you and I experience struggles and challenges in meeting their potential people do as well. Maslow’s theory of self actualization proposes that people are internally motivated to realize their potential with continued growth. Therefore, it is likely that people have a vision of what type of person they would like to be and what kind of life they wish to live. When there is a disparity between where people aspire to be and where they a n inner drive should inspire a need for change to engage in behavior that would yield desired results.

The Yo-Yo effect,Stress, Confusion, Misguidance, Poor relations are all too familiar troubling factors that schools and teachers face in light of their student's behaviors.
Behavior with Mindset

Many of the students are involved in behaviors that will eventually lead to trouble with the police, families, employers, or educational facilities; or will cause them harm. When they begin to live a lifestyle that does not agree with cultural norms (i.e., drug use, violence, and missing school) they are normally in the precontemplation phase; "minimizing the need for change" and "far from ready to change". When they begin to face discipline issues because of their actions they enter the contemplation phase, becoming more aware of their behavior.

During the preparation phase the young adults may begin to understand they have a more serious problem in their life than they were initially willing to admit to and become interested in ways to change their life. 
The action stage would be where the intensive confusions in lives occur, when they are taking observable action to change their life. 

Maintenance is the primary stage where teachers and counselors are seen to intervene and assist students with preventing relapse. However, the outcome hoped for by Arbinger is not termination of negative behaviors but evaluating the negative -root of the problem that is causing the behavior in the first place. However, many students will recycle through the first five stages during their enrollment without ever being successful and this should be something that is expected. 

When the student arrive at the behavior level- they can be held in hands and thoughts to moving into making the responsive choices they can make at this stage. While in school, their evolution through the cycle has an impact on the community. Like guides, the teacher need to understand where a student is in their lives so they can work with them to make improvements in their behavior. 

Creating an uplifting vision or strategy

An individual may not realize there is a need for change or reframing. This is usually the case when people are used to doing things one way, there can be a lack of understanding and accepting that change is needed. The stage of denial as Linney, B. J. (1999) describes it, is more relevant to change in the behavior, but the relation of denial and personal change is very relative to how the personal change may affect future changes from being implemented within the heart.  One may say that this brings to the attention that change is “threatening both time-honored traditions and prevailing cultural values and practices.

On the contrary, I have observed that one of the best avenues of reframing mindset is in uplifting specific awareness.... such a target that creates visions that a person can imagine and aspire towards such crossing the tape of the cross-country marathon. The vision promotes strategic thinking of how to accomplish the feat such as a workout plan and schedule, hiring a trainer, and or eliminating fried foods from diet. For example, students who are in the contemplation phase who are showing increased signs of manipulation or in Arbinger language we say- sinking beneath - there is dire need to assess the students readiness to change and give the support and guidelines to frame.


How might aspects of your personality or your various skills and abilities have played a part in the success or difficulty of the change?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Spoiler alert! If you want to see "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon, do not read further !!!!!

Last night I rented "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon. Great movie by the way (5 stars).

In it, he plays an up and coming politician who has deviated from the "plan" which he was supposed to be on. This so called "plan" was created by the "Chairman" who, we are led to believe, is non other than God herself. In any event, "The Bureau" is a band of people who work for the "Chairman" and are entrusted with keeping people "on plan." For example, if the plan calls for us to marry Tony, then the Bureau ensures that we don't miss the bus where we are supposed to meet Tony - our future life partner.

The reason they manipulate our lives is because when we have been given the opportunity to write our own plans, we have screwed up (e.g. WWI, WWII).

Why do we screw up? Because of our failing in honoring our senses, that's why! 

We are, the movie depicts, as impulsive animals by nature. Accordingly, we are incapable of harnessing our passions and as a result of our impulsiveness and hubris, make many, many mistakes.

The Bureau, afraid that one day we will screw up so badly that even they could not undo the damage we may one day cause (i.e. ending life as we know it), have decided to take away our free will and instead, only given us the semblance of it.

As I was watching the movie I felt the movie was trying to validate the point to standing by to what we know as making things go Right for others and could anticipate the notion  “Fail to honor the choice and it fails to honor you.” Corresponding with this identification of the true source of power in any organization, successful politicking or hurt within families can be based on the ability to be untangled from complications when honoring ones' choices by addressing them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Note to Pain

Pain hurts especially when I'm trapped in my Box.

Pain breaks us ( family, friends and relationships) into two. Pain kills us a little everyday and there’s nothing we can do. Pain shapes us, transforms us into people we thought we’d never be or sometimes people we always wanted to be.

Pain seeps into our lives suddenly, when we least expect it. Pain tricks us into thinking that we can’t take it anymore or that our skin isn’t thick enough to endure it.

Pain cuts through us like a butcher’s knife and we let it. We feed our pain. We listen to sad songs, hold on to memories, watch depressing movies and run towards pain knowing that this is how it’ll all end; tears, sleepless nights, and scars we bury deep. Death, a lost love, distance, abandonment, and a lot more bring us to our knees praying to have the strength to get up again.

After every blow we take, we promise ourselves we’d never give in to the pain again, but as the days go by and as we meet more beautiful people, experience life further, and choose to become who we are today, we risk getting hurt. We risk being vulnerable, we risk inflicting pain on ourselves but then again we talk ourselves into it like we can handle the consequences. Like we’re superman, pain is nothing to us. Like regrets don’t exist and like scars are teachers in disguise.

Like a little kid learning to ride a bike, falling down and getting up again till they get it right, pain pushes us forward; pain makes us appreciate peace of mind.

Pain makes us appreciate wholeness of the heart, pain makes us appreciate our lives and it makes us appreciate ourselves for getting out of every painful experience whole again. Even when we’re missing a piece, we tell ourselves that this was meant to be, that pain was destined to happen, that pain taught us a lesson we had to learn the hard way!

Dear Pain, Hurt and Grieve,

Thank you for making me the beautiful person that I am. Thank you for teaching me everything I know. Thank you for showing me that my Red Flags are alerting my in-the-box momements. Thank you for turning my weaknesses into strengths, my precious moments into memories, my heart into a beating drum, my eyes into a well, and my body into a castle that holds a wealth of stories on every corner.

Right now, all I can do is kiss you goodbye, because what I'm sure of is that from out the box, you are my strength to making a choice I need to make.

Broken down, but getting up again!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Undercover Boxes

I cant' help but watch the entire series of the undercover boss, and if you have not, I encourage you to do so- its so exemplary of what sense a boss has to take maybe even for that point of moment/situation after filling in the shoes as an employee in his own company.

The Undercover Boss is a television franchise series that has been released in multiple countries, originating in 2009 on the British Companies. The show’s format is based on a senior executive of a company working undercover in their own firm to investigate how the company really works and identify how it can be improved, as well as rewarding the hard working staff.

An Amazing experiment I hoped to do an undercover with my boxes...

Undercover boxes can be very tricky to approach- its almost as we are in the center of a whirlpool not wanting to be suck into it. However, upon survival, it is most helpful in acknowledging our Red Flags, because in any situation or person we have some of our repetitive characteristics playing up that can help us to keep noticing our boxes that are erupting...

I tried the game of the undercover boxes just two day back, purposefully and carefully keeping a full surveillance over my feelings, how I sounded and what my actions were being in the box not wanting to come out- I bet many of you have tried this, knowing the consequences...

But amazingly I found how just playing the cover had put such control in my hands towards others. Not because I knew that my need to honor grew stronger in the process or anything but the importance of just understanding where I sometimes just go blinded by the various situations that may cause those better than or worse than boxes to validate myself.

Again the truth is that in seeing and truly being able to sense what another may require is a gift to be cherished. Where in moments I had the sense but just controlled that desire to go and help my grandmother pick up her spectacles on the floor just blew my cover eventually... however I guess its almost a test to how long you can see yourself possibly staying out of the box at any situation.

 Have you played the undercover Box?


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arbinger Likes & Dislikes

Fun ways of expressing Arbinger...

There are just so many great ways of FUN liberated through Arbinger's ning community...
My personal best are (in no particular order at all):

1. Weekly Questions that ponders our experiences and allows us to share just a bit of who we are and how sometimes we are not getting an answer and then ta-dah' - the box is lessened...
Sarah I believe this is on everyone's mind and that is to  congratulate you over your great work over the weekly though provoking questions... Heather must be really proud with what is happening over with the ning....

2. Blogs by the various people in the Community. I recently saw how Sherri's Blog on The Courage in Honoring a Sense  and am so happy for what it allowed her to take steps into creating a manifesto for us to open thoughts to our honoring of a sense and I kindly invite all on her behalf to visit this link to her blog to do this -

Another blogger who will always be my guide and inspiration to when I first began my baby bloggy steps was Cossie...  I still recall how Cossie's Food for thought had driven me a purpose... almost on a clear mission to help liven our stories into blogs-- he's blogs such as Blind Side, What Counts & many many more are just really thought provoking and brings justice to all the work he does...

3. Arbinger Humor Box Group- I am guilty- I don't often visit my group of buddies here but just love the crakkers that goes on with Russ and the gang...
I particularly laughed off my seat with our new mascot... Poorrrrr Strider (He's now added to my collection screensaver with tiger and tissue- mia doggies...)

4. Global Community Call--- Community calls are my favorite favorite of all... its real-time action and its just so exhilarating to just hear... The voices of our members not only provide us with their experiences but also mostly listening to the successes, failures, happiness or pains that others share on the line is what makes this entire body of Arbinger a fruitful one.. What delight with other facilitators and consultants of Arbinger have to humbly share with us churns out the meaningful nature for a far more vibrant OTB place to tune out with...

Sharing one last of my Likes of Likes this month.... ( or maybe last month's)

Experience of a lifetime for the facilitator course 4th April 2011.

The Facilitator Training with all our practices in the charts behind and beside us. This was the final day of facilitator practice or a long week of buffet lunches, extreme challenges and the joy& passion of Arbinger's work...

THE Journey doesnt' end HERE....

Bryan (left), Shee Wei, Adeline, Justin, Senthiyl and Shanu (right)

We hope to explore our wonderful Arbinger journey with a spectacle that keeps us grounded and open to learning and enjoying life more....

Now what are my dislikes.... that is the toughest point I haven't yet to come by and when I do, I will head to this post as you should and write it down as a comment....

Do share your Likes and Dislikes with us too!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Worth Celebrating

 How important is your Family to you?

There is no love like the attachment bond from a mother and father... your first fight or argument with a sibling... an ever giving grandparent or doting uncles and aunts... not forgetting the hairy, smelly friend for life pet dog or cat and scaly for all the amphibian lovers out there (if i missed any other you could comment below and talk about your pet too...

Families can be a handful and literally is when issues of the heart are not resolved. My family has its fair share of both the highs and lows and I believe the lesson always at the end can be applied to an OTB phenomenon that takes place after a long time after the problem subsides.....

Nancy Smith talked on about Parenting with a Heart at Peace not too long ago where one point that hit hard on me was the importance about children and seeing past their mistakes.... one point that really reached out to me was what Amber mentioned about an Arbinger's Principle on teaching/ intervening  let me see if I can summarize this point " Each child in my care is more precious than life itself. Some of the greatness in my child are obvious and however some is not. I must look for it. But to look and find for the greatness is in all even as in seeing them as people.... I want to be helpful to them and in this moment that they come to learn that I care."

Heather's story on the son whom called his mother to come an pick him up as he was drunk-- it is in Parenting that one tends to fail to learn, see and feel concern towards that child... But the power of  seeing beyond that (blind mode) is tapping into their greatness and remember however difficult the situation is... 

Another thing that always seem to amazes me all the time is how allies are quickly assembled within the family...Does this also happen with you? It is interesting huh...  For instance; allies between sisters to brothers vice versa and so forth...

When we talk about this concept of Justification and Self-Betrayal I think we know better of ourselves... In building our allies what we are truly engaging is deepening our justifications and betrayal... Naturally why we do that is to invite the very similar behaviors from the rest so as to keep building on the allies- justification and more self-betrayal...  Because we are so blinded in this notion as a family no one is safe, eveyone plays the hide and seek game awaiting for the boxes to explode...

It seems all too real... but the sufferings are immense.. I've heard from Senthiyl that the biggest ongoing war can only be the fighting in any family... and so it seems simply true.

Carry Boxes: 
Yet another symptom that seems to linger within families is the Carry-box phenomenon.

"Others may not change when you change" True, But in the responsive way of being I am not offended when they don't I am ceasing to blame others because it is the right thing to do for them-- not because of what I want them to do for me."

Because in the box, we only provoke others to get in the box as well, and the mistreatment we then get from others gives us justification for staying in the box--- the Question is whether it is all Worth it?

Think about you views and experiences regarding your family--- something that always draws you a bit closer, a bit more caring and a bit more connected... Share your views here- is your family worth celebrating

I celebrate my wonderful family and the cherishing moments of what we always share.  Here's a recent picture of all of us celebrating my uncles' 50th birthday at the Singapore Cricket Club.

Not sure if you can find me I'm in an orange sari and beside this tall cousin of mine in a beige dress.

My uncle receiving the Durai Awards - which we tried to follow the Oscars

And the Award Goes to......

Friday, March 4, 2011

Strategic Development

Talent + Persistence is the key to success?

The emergence of strategic talent management and development reflects a growing emphasis on employee contribution to overall business strategies.

 How might an organization interested in strategic planning best use talent? 

In this Blog, you may wish to consider how goals and other elements of business strategy may be satisfied by strategic talent management and development initiatives....

The the main concern of strategic talent management and development, is that it focuses mainly on how organizations ensure—through hiring, managing, developing, and retaining practices—that their talent has the necessary competencies and motivation to meet business strategies and goals. Strategic talent management and development issues in the organization, will usually involve both talented leaders and employees.

In fact, many people whom are talented people would flinch and say well since I usually love doing it I do not feel there is any hard work put into it... On the contrary, some would prefer that their effort spent,  hardwork and time taken to complete their output should be complimented rather than suggesting their inborn talents.

Persistence to talents:

If I do have a point here, it is this: In our abilities to harness raw talent there is a need to apply skills and techniques. Know where your strengths are and work towards to making them even stronger. Improving something that you're already good at would make it easier for you to surpass others in the competition. 

Case Study:

In Malaysia, to meet Malaysia’s National Mission, Vision 2020 aspirations and the Ninth Malaysia Plan require government to plan and execute some strategies to fulfill the objectives.

By reform Government Company in the strategic coalition, Government Link Company (GLCs) was a platform for government to create future leaders in corporate and business world. It is the responsibilities of CEOs and Boards of all GLCs to ensure they have enough of the right leaders to help them meet their business target.

In 2006, it is estimated that GLCs face a gap of between 1,500 to 2,000 leaders who can deliver and sustain breakthrough performance. As a result, GLCs should merge leadership development actions with the business strategy; determine the number of leaders needed to hit targets and create a leadership model to get the leaders who will drive performance.

Tan Sri Dato Sri Mohd Hassan Marican, CEO of Petronas Group said “Business strategy alone is not enough. At Petronas we have merged the business strategy and the Human Development strategy. We spend equal, if not more, time and effort on human development strategies than we do on business strategies_”. (Orange Book: Strengthening Leadership Development, December 2006).

 However, to implement talent management in the company, sometime some problems will occur if they are not realized and not take any action to be organized.

 According to Peter Cappelli (2008) suggests a new model talent management for the 21st century by approaches to managing talent use four particular principles drawn from operations and supply chain management. He divided into four principles; make and buy to manage risk, adapt to the uncertainty in talent demand, improve the return on investment in developing employees, and preserve the investment by balancing employee-employer interests.

Issues to consider:

1. What does diversity have on the working environment specifically in relation to how employees were hired, managed, trained, and/or retained? 

2. Possible legal concerns that you were aware of or that you think should have been addressed pertaining to how the organization or company functioned.

3. Ethical issues which relate to strategic talent management and development.

4. Vital steps for working with an organization on talent acquisition.

5. Alignment of the company's needs and the targeted employee development.

"What if individually and collectively we systematically misunderstand that cause,
and unwittingly perpetuate the very problems we think we are trying to solve?"

Return on Investment in Talent Management Put to Work Right Now. Arbinger has business solutions that addresses such issues.

Honor your talent management
 How important is strategic talent management and development in your overall business strategy of this organization?
Why might an organization want to enhance employees' knowledge beyond what is required by their current jobs? 

How might it aim to do so? How might Arbinger best help you and your organization with an eye on the future?

Catch the ArbingBird Animation Clip on IN-the-BOX moments whilst working with people-
(Do comment on your opinions over your first thoughts about what the animation-- Working with People means for you? Kindly share at this link-

Friday, February 25, 2011

Seeded Change

Like all companies emphasize on the nature of change... what is so diverse in change is that many organizations are so pro-change that they are stuck deep into finding every crook and cranny of change...

The need to seed change in an organization may seem necessary but the change that needs to happen is within the organization and within every individual whom see's accountable. 

Firstly business professionals must be steeped in an understanding of their unique organizations and businesses and their design and workings. Which in many cases this includes bringing employee's, co-workers, customers insight to  perspectives and foci. Many business professionals take the opportunity to examine theories and approaches of their organization. While others make use of successful strategies and techniques that are used to assist organizations in managing change and bringing about organizational health and success. However, one thing that goes temporarily wrong most of the time with change is finding the "How" to relate to their organizational culture.

Arbinger: "The act upon what I have discovered; do what I am feeling I should do."

In order to help develop and manage change in the most productive and effective manner possible one crucial factor to keep in mind is helping to see How my organization can benefit from me-- because in this nature we need to find out how my feelings can I help.. or in simple terms, in my effort to initiating change how else can my services be  more than about the Sustainable services and change one can bring to the organization eventually.

In thinking divergently, seeing problems as a challenge and opportunities as expand relationships what does it take for organizations to see strengthening or rebuilding change with their respective organizations? With exploring into a thought to ponder over ' I do not change by trying to change myself, even by trying to change my thoughts. I change by forgetting myself in response to others...To seek myself is to find someone false. To lose myself with others is to find someone true. (The Choice)

The Choice at work talks about the inner freedom to feel, express and do what one has to do! Is that freedom you seek in your organization? Check this exceptional youtube on the motivation of people:  The surprising truth about what motivates us.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Attitude or Behavior

"Is it the survival of the fittest?” only where the strong will only survive?

The release of human potential, and promote self- expression in an organization. There is a well-established connection in the psychological literature between employee attitudes and behaviors and the health and success of an organization, however it is not all that defined.

What contributes to such employee attitudes and behaviors as morale, motivation, commitment, loyalty, and retention? Just as you and I are changing in many ways, organizations are ever-changing. 

For instance, companies are becoming more global and more diverse and with that diversity comes a wide array of ideas and opinions. Hence I believe, an organization remains competitive due this such varsity where formal configuration between individual and groups with respect to the allocation of tasks, responsibilities and authority within an organization. It’s this abstract concept that can be represented by an organizational chart. Hence, a good organizational structure can often be determined how information flows from level to level within the company, decisions flow from the top down. These trends are most relevant to today’s organization due to the fact that it relates to every aspect of the organization on every level, everywhere in each company trends exudes through out.

"At the bottom of it all is our fundamental way of being -who we are as people. Who we are in a function of our deepest attitudes and sensibilities towards others. It is the very way of being in the world with people" -- People Problems---

For instance how well are the organizational processes set up to BE INFLUENCED by NEW TALENT?

Does it invite the NEW TALENT to adopt and embrace the existing practices of the organization?

How can one invite change in attitude or behavior something so deeply rooted to the new change?

Organizational structure shall be adaptive to process requirements aiming to optimize the effort of input and output within an organization and these challenges are what will make or break an organization.
As the saying goes, “it’s the survival of the fittest” only the strong will survive. So are we ready to honor our senses with both our attitude and behaviors?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Have you been lately told- "You'er in the Box"?

What happens when you are extremely furious and someone tells you well that you are completely  wrong, not suppose to behave or act in a particular way, take a hike.. what is worse to hear you are in the box....

My gosh I can see fuming steam coming up from inside and transforming the muscles in the face to tighten a little notch higher.

To all my friends who need a remedy for this should read a A Deeper Connection. Or
How about a story on how a revelation of how in the Box can be like... a story entitled 'Mum I want to be a TV."

"Mum I want to be on TV" which reminded me that how serious things can be lightened even when you are in the box.

As a primary schoolteacher asked her students to write an essay about what they would like God to do for them. At the end of the day while marking the essays, one made her very emotional.

Her husband, who had just walked in, saw her crying and asked, 'What happened'' 'Read this. It's by one of my students.'

'Oh God, tonight I ask you for something very special: Turn me into a television set. I want to take its place. Have my own special place in the house. And have my family around ME.

I want to be taken seriously when I talk, to be the centre of attentionand be heard without interruptions or questions. I want to receive the same special care that the TV gets when it is not working.

Have the company of my dad when he comes home from work, even when he is tired.

And I want my mum to want me when she is sad and upset, instead of ignoring me.

I want my brothers to fight to be with me... I want to feel that the family will leave everything aside, every now and then, just to spend some time with me.

'And last, but not least, make it that I can make them all happy and entertain them. God, I don't ask you for much... I just want to live like every TV.'

At that, the man cried: 'Poor kid. What horrible parents!'

The teacher looked up and said, 'That essay is our son's!'

Friday, February 4, 2011

Deeper Connection of Life

In the Chinese NewYear everything starts afresh in the oriental, may it be the customs, values... one thing that outshines is the value placed on humble greetings, warm openness and genuine care and concern.
Holidays or not, there is a special being transformed in each one of us? Is this true? We start to see our family with more love, we start to acknowledge our co-workers, we start to embrace our friends and relatives.

What sets us apart... from the normal days to festive occasions... What makes days that are special entitle us to act specially only for that moment? 

For some of us holidays mean a DEEPER to life connection?  
Sharing with all a New Year Story:

A man bought a new pair of trousers for his primary schoolmates reunion   
dinner. When he tried out at home, he found that the trousers were too    
long by 10cm.                                                             
He asked his mother to help him shorten the pants. His mother said she    
could not do it as she was not feeling well and would like to rest early. 
So the man approached his wife to shorten his pants. His wife said she was
very tired and had a lot of work to do that night, so she could not help  
him to shorten the pants that night.                                      
Then the man asked his daughter. His daughter apologized for being not    
able to do it that night because she had agreed to go dancing with her    
"Ah well!" the man thought and decided he could wear his old trousers to  
the reunion.                                                              
Later that night, his mother thought to herself, "My son has been very    
nice to me. I'll just help him to shorten his pants before going to rest."
So she shortened the pants by 10cm.                                       
Then his wife finished her work and thought, "My husband knows I am always
very busy and seldom asked me to help him. I would oblige him today." So  
she shortened the man's pants by another 10cm.                            
His daughter came home from dancing, and thought, "Papa loves me very much
and when I declined to shorten his pants, he was not angry at all! I would
help him to shorten his pants." So she shortened her daddy's pants yet    
another 10cm.                                                             
On the next day, the three ladies told the man that his pants were        
shortened. He tried them on and found that his pants had become shorter by
His reaction: He laughed heartily, and said, "I must wear this pair of    
pants to show my schoolmates that my mum, my wife and my daughter are such
loving people."                                                           
At the dinner, his old classmates were very envious of his loving family. 
His mother, wife and daughter were very happy to learn about his          
classmates' reaction.                                                     
What would you do if it happened to you?                                  
Very often, many would have lost their temper.                            
How many of us have the ability to have this understanding of this man? Many of us have "High EQ" or patience when  dealing with people outside the family, whilst "Low EQ" when dealing with our own
family members!  How true is this for you?                                              

Friday, January 28, 2011

JS-Why is it important?

Let me guess, you want to know first and foremost what JS stands for?,
and so I will, but before that I will start with a personal experience...

Just a day back Senthiyl, Sok's and myself met up with a two different individuals whom were very keen in Arbinger's work on what we do & what we stand for. One thing that followed almost immediately after this conversation was mainly "Wow it would be so COOL to be working with you guys... unlike my present job!"

Yet another incident today when we had Tyrone, a supplier came in saying how he feels if he could join us in what we do... " how I wish I could enjoy my job they way you guys do!"

In both situations,  although what transpires to me was the nice compliments, what set me writing this blog was on the concept behind- not being happy in one's job and who better than-- Egor has much to say about JS. <- do see the link

Motivation and Commitment

What contributes to JS? A great high-paying salary? Continuous tools of improving quality of supervision? fulfillment of interests? decentralization of power? Relationships in the organization?

How do the non-profit organizations consists of such driven and committed staff and still go through the challenges any organization faces?

How does Arbinger do it?

I think job satisfaction has a huge impact on the many organizations and its affecting people worldwide. And Yes, I'm referring to job satisfaction- JS and how is it so valuable that we often disregard it. Egor's example shows how as individuals when we know something is wrong-- such as unsatisfied with our job perspectives, tend to be less committed to their organization?  and eventually cause them to leave their jobs?

But how far is being open about JS valued in an organization is my second question.... maybe lets leave that to ponder over...

Job satisfaction and retention of employees is something that is so important in the different areas in which organizations work on in order to understand information regarding their employees’ attitudes, feelings and behaviors. In that, organization are empowered in many ways for example, as a result, organizations are able to troubleshoot problems and issues before the situation worsen. As such, job satisfaction which is a construct that is subliminally associated to common characteristics of employee attitudes and behaviors, enables organization in making appropriate decisions in their planning and running of their organization.  

Knowing why I strongly feel that understanding why my work colleagues do what they do at work and to knowing how I can positively impact their behaviors and actions, employing  ‘out of the box’ strategies creates a positive and conducive environment to work.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Teamwork Means?

Teamwork at work, schools and even as a family are designed and developed by the effort of knowledge and understanding of the interlinked relationships that grow from within... Hence it can be said teamwork means a huge deal for many....Especially for me!

I can never imagine a world where there is no teamwork effort?... As such I'm so grateful for my Arbinger team both locally and globally where I see how truly gifted we are as a team and what we stand for.

We are indeed a 'force not to be reckoned with' and I believe that many of our Arbinger members see this from the way we initiate a conversation to how we are with our families and with our friends. I believe that this has got to do alot with the team confidence, strength, trust and accountability facilitated.

Arbinger's language not only mean the deliverance of the concepts itself, but you see when we as a team of Arbinger work together, honor our senses as part of team and live by the balance of what Cossie has mentioned in his blog here. So 3 Cheers to us for being a great Team... Arbinger's Team!

Sharing with you the ArbingBird Animation Clip on IN-the-BOX moments whilst working with people-

(Do comment on your opinions over your first thoughts about what the animation-- Working with People means for you? Kindly share at this link-

What can be drawn from the clip is how accountability within teams are so important -- where in Arbinger, accountability is about "how we are" not just on what an output has to offer but, what actually an individual/ or team has to deliver in terms of usefulness as discussed in Mike Merchant -- "Creating an Environment Where Accountability Thrives global call talks about. For the Discussion click here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

In Response to Burdens, Challenges & Trials

The importance of compassionate leading suggests a supportive nature of what leadership encompasses. There is always something more than just building a perfect structure within the standard system but also building on what relationships are based UPON.

What exactly do we know about Leadership?

As shown in the Animation on reaching out to goals... it is assumed that when we come out of the box, we are now able to see how we are performing rather than to what we should be performing which guides leaders to reaching their potentials- internally and externally.

Many Arbinger Members have something common about their Responses:

"I was DEEEEEP in the box, creating trouble for my boss, my co-workers, my workers, my friends and espetialy my family. I was a BLAME -TRAIN!! "Mario Krivokapic

" I was a sales agent pouting because I didn't think I was getting the support, recognition and praise that I thought I deserved.... Timothy Dicks

"I had an army of allies who were supporting, not me but, the worst of me. They were entrenched with me and the lies we told ourselves."Russ Thoman

 Jim Ferrell has shared some pondering thoughts:

1.What weakness in me does this situation give me the opportunity to overcome?

2.What does being upset in response to this circumstance teach me about myself?

3.Given my present state of mind, is this situation likely to get better or worse if I say anything right now?

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