Thursday, June 23, 2011


Spoiler alert! If you want to see "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon, do not read further !!!!!

Last night I rented "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon. Great movie by the way (5 stars).

In it, he plays an up and coming politician who has deviated from the "plan" which he was supposed to be on. This so called "plan" was created by the "Chairman" who, we are led to believe, is non other than God herself. In any event, "The Bureau" is a band of people who work for the "Chairman" and are entrusted with keeping people "on plan." For example, if the plan calls for us to marry Tony, then the Bureau ensures that we don't miss the bus where we are supposed to meet Tony - our future life partner.

The reason they manipulate our lives is because when we have been given the opportunity to write our own plans, we have screwed up (e.g. WWI, WWII).

Why do we screw up? Because of our failing in honoring our senses, that's why! 

We are, the movie depicts, as impulsive animals by nature. Accordingly, we are incapable of harnessing our passions and as a result of our impulsiveness and hubris, make many, many mistakes.

The Bureau, afraid that one day we will screw up so badly that even they could not undo the damage we may one day cause (i.e. ending life as we know it), have decided to take away our free will and instead, only given us the semblance of it.

As I was watching the movie I felt the movie was trying to validate the point to standing by to what we know as making things go Right for others and could anticipate the notion  “Fail to honor the choice and it fails to honor you.” Corresponding with this identification of the true source of power in any organization, successful politicking or hurt within families can be based on the ability to be untangled from complications when honoring ones' choices by addressing them.


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