Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Worth Celebrating

 How important is your Family to you?

There is no love like the attachment bond from a mother and father... your first fight or argument with a sibling... an ever giving grandparent or doting uncles and aunts... not forgetting the hairy, smelly friend for life pet dog or cat and scaly for all the amphibian lovers out there (if i missed any other you could comment below and talk about your pet too...

Families can be a handful and literally is when issues of the heart are not resolved. My family has its fair share of both the highs and lows and I believe the lesson always at the end can be applied to an OTB phenomenon that takes place after a long time after the problem subsides.....

Nancy Smith talked on about Parenting with a Heart at Peace not too long ago where one point that hit hard on me was the importance about children and seeing past their mistakes.... one point that really reached out to me was what Amber mentioned about an Arbinger's Principle on teaching/ intervening  let me see if I can summarize this point " Each child in my care is more precious than life itself. Some of the greatness in my child are obvious and however some is not. I must look for it. But to look and find for the greatness is in all even as in seeing them as people.... I want to be helpful to them and in this moment that they come to learn that I care."

Heather's story on the son whom called his mother to come an pick him up as he was drunk-- it is in Parenting that one tends to fail to learn, see and feel concern towards that child... But the power of  seeing beyond that (blind mode) is tapping into their greatness and remember however difficult the situation is... 

Another thing that always seem to amazes me all the time is how allies are quickly assembled within the family...Does this also happen with you? It is interesting huh...  For instance; allies between sisters to brothers vice versa and so forth...

When we talk about this concept of Justification and Self-Betrayal I think we know better of ourselves... In building our allies what we are truly engaging is deepening our justifications and betrayal... Naturally why we do that is to invite the very similar behaviors from the rest so as to keep building on the allies- justification and more self-betrayal...  Because we are so blinded in this notion as a family no one is safe, eveyone plays the hide and seek game awaiting for the boxes to explode...

It seems all too real... but the sufferings are immense.. I've heard from Senthiyl that the biggest ongoing war can only be the fighting in any family... and so it seems simply true.

Carry Boxes: 
Yet another symptom that seems to linger within families is the Carry-box phenomenon.

"Others may not change when you change" True, But in the responsive way of being I am not offended when they don't I am ceasing to blame others because it is the right thing to do for them-- not because of what I want them to do for me."

Because in the box, we only provoke others to get in the box as well, and the mistreatment we then get from others gives us justification for staying in the box--- the Question is whether it is all Worth it?

Think about you views and experiences regarding your family--- something that always draws you a bit closer, a bit more caring and a bit more connected... Share your views here- is your family worth celebrating

I celebrate my wonderful family and the cherishing moments of what we always share.  Here's a recent picture of all of us celebrating my uncles' 50th birthday at the Singapore Cricket Club.

Not sure if you can find me I'm in an orange sari and beside this tall cousin of mine in a beige dress.

My uncle receiving the Durai Awards - which we tried to follow the Oscars

And the Award Goes to......

Friday, March 4, 2011

Strategic Development

Talent + Persistence is the key to success?

The emergence of strategic talent management and development reflects a growing emphasis on employee contribution to overall business strategies.

 How might an organization interested in strategic planning best use talent? 

In this Blog, you may wish to consider how goals and other elements of business strategy may be satisfied by strategic talent management and development initiatives....

The the main concern of strategic talent management and development, is that it focuses mainly on how organizations ensure—through hiring, managing, developing, and retaining practices—that their talent has the necessary competencies and motivation to meet business strategies and goals. Strategic talent management and development issues in the organization, will usually involve both talented leaders and employees.

In fact, many people whom are talented people would flinch and say well since I usually love doing it I do not feel there is any hard work put into it... On the contrary, some would prefer that their effort spent,  hardwork and time taken to complete their output should be complimented rather than suggesting their inborn talents.

Persistence to talents:

If I do have a point here, it is this: In our abilities to harness raw talent there is a need to apply skills and techniques. Know where your strengths are and work towards to making them even stronger. Improving something that you're already good at would make it easier for you to surpass others in the competition. 

Case Study:

In Malaysia, to meet Malaysia’s National Mission, Vision 2020 aspirations and the Ninth Malaysia Plan require government to plan and execute some strategies to fulfill the objectives.

By reform Government Company in the strategic coalition, Government Link Company (GLCs) was a platform for government to create future leaders in corporate and business world. It is the responsibilities of CEOs and Boards of all GLCs to ensure they have enough of the right leaders to help them meet their business target.

In 2006, it is estimated that GLCs face a gap of between 1,500 to 2,000 leaders who can deliver and sustain breakthrough performance. As a result, GLCs should merge leadership development actions with the business strategy; determine the number of leaders needed to hit targets and create a leadership model to get the leaders who will drive performance.

Tan Sri Dato Sri Mohd Hassan Marican, CEO of Petronas Group said “Business strategy alone is not enough. At Petronas we have merged the business strategy and the Human Development strategy. We spend equal, if not more, time and effort on human development strategies than we do on business strategies_”. (Orange Book: Strengthening Leadership Development, December 2006).

 However, to implement talent management in the company, sometime some problems will occur if they are not realized and not take any action to be organized.

 According to Peter Cappelli (2008) suggests a new model talent management for the 21st century by approaches to managing talent use four particular principles drawn from operations and supply chain management. He divided into four principles; make and buy to manage risk, adapt to the uncertainty in talent demand, improve the return on investment in developing employees, and preserve the investment by balancing employee-employer interests.

Issues to consider:

1. What does diversity have on the working environment specifically in relation to how employees were hired, managed, trained, and/or retained? 

2. Possible legal concerns that you were aware of or that you think should have been addressed pertaining to how the organization or company functioned.

3. Ethical issues which relate to strategic talent management and development.

4. Vital steps for working with an organization on talent acquisition.

5. Alignment of the company's needs and the targeted employee development.

"What if individually and collectively we systematically misunderstand that cause,
and unwittingly perpetuate the very problems we think we are trying to solve?"

Return on Investment in Talent Management Put to Work Right Now. Arbinger has business solutions that addresses such issues.

Honor your talent management
 How important is strategic talent management and development in your overall business strategy of this organization?
Why might an organization want to enhance employees' knowledge beyond what is required by their current jobs? 

How might it aim to do so? How might Arbinger best help you and your organization with an eye on the future?

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