Friday, February 25, 2011

Seeded Change

Like all companies emphasize on the nature of change... what is so diverse in change is that many organizations are so pro-change that they are stuck deep into finding every crook and cranny of change...

The need to seed change in an organization may seem necessary but the change that needs to happen is within the organization and within every individual whom see's accountable. 

Firstly business professionals must be steeped in an understanding of their unique organizations and businesses and their design and workings. Which in many cases this includes bringing employee's, co-workers, customers insight to  perspectives and foci. Many business professionals take the opportunity to examine theories and approaches of their organization. While others make use of successful strategies and techniques that are used to assist organizations in managing change and bringing about organizational health and success. However, one thing that goes temporarily wrong most of the time with change is finding the "How" to relate to their organizational culture.

Arbinger: "The act upon what I have discovered; do what I am feeling I should do."

In order to help develop and manage change in the most productive and effective manner possible one crucial factor to keep in mind is helping to see How my organization can benefit from me-- because in this nature we need to find out how my feelings can I help.. or in simple terms, in my effort to initiating change how else can my services be  more than about the Sustainable services and change one can bring to the organization eventually.

In thinking divergently, seeing problems as a challenge and opportunities as expand relationships what does it take for organizations to see strengthening or rebuilding change with their respective organizations? With exploring into a thought to ponder over ' I do not change by trying to change myself, even by trying to change my thoughts. I change by forgetting myself in response to others...To seek myself is to find someone false. To lose myself with others is to find someone true. (The Choice)

The Choice at work talks about the inner freedom to feel, express and do what one has to do! Is that freedom you seek in your organization? Check this exceptional youtube on the motivation of people:  The surprising truth about what motivates us.

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