Friday, February 4, 2011

Deeper Connection of Life

In the Chinese NewYear everything starts afresh in the oriental, may it be the customs, values... one thing that outshines is the value placed on humble greetings, warm openness and genuine care and concern.
Holidays or not, there is a special being transformed in each one of us? Is this true? We start to see our family with more love, we start to acknowledge our co-workers, we start to embrace our friends and relatives.

What sets us apart... from the normal days to festive occasions... What makes days that are special entitle us to act specially only for that moment? 

For some of us holidays mean a DEEPER to life connection?  
Sharing with all a New Year Story:

A man bought a new pair of trousers for his primary schoolmates reunion   
dinner. When he tried out at home, he found that the trousers were too    
long by 10cm.                                                             
He asked his mother to help him shorten the pants. His mother said she    
could not do it as she was not feeling well and would like to rest early. 
So the man approached his wife to shorten his pants. His wife said she was
very tired and had a lot of work to do that night, so she could not help  
him to shorten the pants that night.                                      
Then the man asked his daughter. His daughter apologized for being not    
able to do it that night because she had agreed to go dancing with her    
"Ah well!" the man thought and decided he could wear his old trousers to  
the reunion.                                                              
Later that night, his mother thought to herself, "My son has been very    
nice to me. I'll just help him to shorten his pants before going to rest."
So she shortened the pants by 10cm.                                       
Then his wife finished her work and thought, "My husband knows I am always
very busy and seldom asked me to help him. I would oblige him today." So  
she shortened the man's pants by another 10cm.                            
His daughter came home from dancing, and thought, "Papa loves me very much
and when I declined to shorten his pants, he was not angry at all! I would
help him to shorten his pants." So she shortened her daddy's pants yet    
another 10cm.                                                             
On the next day, the three ladies told the man that his pants were        
shortened. He tried them on and found that his pants had become shorter by
His reaction: He laughed heartily, and said, "I must wear this pair of    
pants to show my schoolmates that my mum, my wife and my daughter are such
loving people."                                                           
At the dinner, his old classmates were very envious of his loving family. 
His mother, wife and daughter were very happy to learn about his          
classmates' reaction.                                                     
What would you do if it happened to you?                                  
Very often, many would have lost their temper.                            
How many of us have the ability to have this understanding of this man? Many of us have "High EQ" or patience when  dealing with people outside the family, whilst "Low EQ" when dealing with our own
family members!  How true is this for you?                                              

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