Friday, January 28, 2011

JS-Why is it important?

Let me guess, you want to know first and foremost what JS stands for?,
and so I will, but before that I will start with a personal experience...

Just a day back Senthiyl, Sok's and myself met up with a two different individuals whom were very keen in Arbinger's work on what we do & what we stand for. One thing that followed almost immediately after this conversation was mainly "Wow it would be so COOL to be working with you guys... unlike my present job!"

Yet another incident today when we had Tyrone, a supplier came in saying how he feels if he could join us in what we do... " how I wish I could enjoy my job they way you guys do!"

In both situations,  although what transpires to me was the nice compliments, what set me writing this blog was on the concept behind- not being happy in one's job and who better than-- Egor has much to say about JS. <- do see the link

Motivation and Commitment

What contributes to JS? A great high-paying salary? Continuous tools of improving quality of supervision? fulfillment of interests? decentralization of power? Relationships in the organization?

How do the non-profit organizations consists of such driven and committed staff and still go through the challenges any organization faces?

How does Arbinger do it?

I think job satisfaction has a huge impact on the many organizations and its affecting people worldwide. And Yes, I'm referring to job satisfaction- JS and how is it so valuable that we often disregard it. Egor's example shows how as individuals when we know something is wrong-- such as unsatisfied with our job perspectives, tend to be less committed to their organization?  and eventually cause them to leave their jobs?

But how far is being open about JS valued in an organization is my second question.... maybe lets leave that to ponder over...

Job satisfaction and retention of employees is something that is so important in the different areas in which organizations work on in order to understand information regarding their employees’ attitudes, feelings and behaviors. In that, organization are empowered in many ways for example, as a result, organizations are able to troubleshoot problems and issues before the situation worsen. As such, job satisfaction which is a construct that is subliminally associated to common characteristics of employee attitudes and behaviors, enables organization in making appropriate decisions in their planning and running of their organization.  

Knowing why I strongly feel that understanding why my work colleagues do what they do at work and to knowing how I can positively impact their behaviors and actions, employing  ‘out of the box’ strategies creates a positive and conducive environment to work.
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