Monday, January 17, 2011

In Response to Burdens, Challenges & Trials

The importance of compassionate leading suggests a supportive nature of what leadership encompasses. There is always something more than just building a perfect structure within the standard system but also building on what relationships are based UPON.

What exactly do we know about Leadership?

As shown in the Animation on reaching out to goals... it is assumed that when we come out of the box, we are now able to see how we are performing rather than to what we should be performing which guides leaders to reaching their potentials- internally and externally.

Many Arbinger Members have something common about their Responses:

"I was DEEEEEP in the box, creating trouble for my boss, my co-workers, my workers, my friends and espetialy my family. I was a BLAME -TRAIN!! "Mario Krivokapic

" I was a sales agent pouting because I didn't think I was getting the support, recognition and praise that I thought I deserved.... Timothy Dicks

"I had an army of allies who were supporting, not me but, the worst of me. They were entrenched with me and the lies we told ourselves."Russ Thoman

 Jim Ferrell has shared some pondering thoughts:

1.What weakness in me does this situation give me the opportunity to overcome?

2.What does being upset in response to this circumstance teach me about myself?

3.Given my present state of mind, is this situation likely to get better or worse if I say anything right now?

Arbinger's Community is not only a great place and example that fosters leadership and bonding  friendships. Come discuss at:

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