Friday, February 18, 2011

Attitude or Behavior

"Is it the survival of the fittest?” only where the strong will only survive?

The release of human potential, and promote self- expression in an organization. There is a well-established connection in the psychological literature between employee attitudes and behaviors and the health and success of an organization, however it is not all that defined.

What contributes to such employee attitudes and behaviors as morale, motivation, commitment, loyalty, and retention? Just as you and I are changing in many ways, organizations are ever-changing. 

For instance, companies are becoming more global and more diverse and with that diversity comes a wide array of ideas and opinions. Hence I believe, an organization remains competitive due this such varsity where formal configuration between individual and groups with respect to the allocation of tasks, responsibilities and authority within an organization. It’s this abstract concept that can be represented by an organizational chart. Hence, a good organizational structure can often be determined how information flows from level to level within the company, decisions flow from the top down. These trends are most relevant to today’s organization due to the fact that it relates to every aspect of the organization on every level, everywhere in each company trends exudes through out.

"At the bottom of it all is our fundamental way of being -who we are as people. Who we are in a function of our deepest attitudes and sensibilities towards others. It is the very way of being in the world with people" -- People Problems---

For instance how well are the organizational processes set up to BE INFLUENCED by NEW TALENT?

Does it invite the NEW TALENT to adopt and embrace the existing practices of the organization?

How can one invite change in attitude or behavior something so deeply rooted to the new change?

Organizational structure shall be adaptive to process requirements aiming to optimize the effort of input and output within an organization and these challenges are what will make or break an organization.
As the saying goes, “it’s the survival of the fittest” only the strong will survive. So are we ready to honor our senses with both our attitude and behaviors?

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