Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Different Faces

 TWO-FACED: An Insight to People-Problems

Have we noticed how some people may be timid as mouses when talking to customers/clients but fierce as a tiger with their employees?

People have a tendency to divert to two or multiple different tasks, tones, personalities and attitudes. As a very distinct part of human behavior, being two-faced is a description we often use when  someone acts in such a manner that is deceitful or 'Fake'.

We can generally identify a 'Fake' behavior, such as to whether that person really means what he or she really has to say. it could simply taking noticing how an apology may not be sincere. As such even you and me fail in many ways too!  For some this will be failing to see people like as with the same needs and wants. 

Dealing with an unpleasant situations can be both common and painful. Among the hundreds of problems faced at work, this is one of the most persistent and harmful causes of job-related stress.When you don't get along with your colleague, manager or client your days in the office feelings of hatred, and what's worse, a 'BURDEN' builds a communication 'shut-down' preventing any effort to reconcile.

Arbinger Concepts discusses the Choice- The Power of How... A choice that each and everyone of us has... The power of spreading the key to: relationships, communication, conflict resolution, individual growth, effective leadership, team-building, motivation, cooperation, accountability, trust, living values in the spirit they were intended, authenticity, focusing on results, alignment, vision creation and buy-in, decision-making and more.

There is nothing in most management literature that touches on this matter. I wonder why this is not a wider topic of discussion. Two face or not, in the path towards a peace at work and heart we must 'honor our sense that hits us in our guts.

People-problems spread wide and far and tackling issues as huge as this one considers a Deeper focus. Arbinger suggests a series of levels which help organizations understand the root to people problems and stem out deeper solutions to these problems affecting growth in leadership.

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