Thursday, October 21, 2010


The 3am Wake Up Call 
At 415am our Singapore Arbinger Team- Senthiyl, Sahara & Shanu finally embarked on our much awaited road trip to KL. We picked up Svend on the way at Johor Bahru to began our next lap heading towards KL.We envisaged our months of preparation and anxiously looked forward for the "Leadership and Self-Deception' (Core-training) workshops.

The next hour or so we ladies at the back seat got our much needed snooze (mostly catching up on beauty sleep) while the gentlemen were engrossed in their conversations in the front.

Pumped up at our First Stop.

 We finally got to stretch out for breakfast at Krishna's Restaurant where we had our first meal for the day. Mr Akbar soon joined us and we immediately had a round of discussion about anything and everything under the sun. In popular demand our favorable topics included the disadvantages of food flavorings to interesting facts of food products to concepts behind Halal food preparations. Well most of our conversations were geared towards food as you may already know we are some hungry people. (PS: The Prata set meal was huge!! Next time get 1 piece.)

First Visit at Akbar's Office 

Akbar's Office@ Petaling Jaya
Soon after a heavy breakfast we arrived at the delightful, and virtual "Zen-like" place...

Yes~ Akbar's office was jaw-dropping beautiful. Cheers Akbar!

Serious packing guys! Great Job
 We soon started to unpack boxes and books for our workshops. As a team, together we arranged the goodie bags in a matter of an hour we were completed.

After a hard day of sorting out of things, we finally had time to sit together to share a drink and continue our lively chat around the table.

Lunch Taj Cafe & Restaurant  

Look at all those smiley faces!! Liping Sighs- "why am I not there ah!"

As it was nearing 1 pm, we took a drive down to Taj Cafe & Restaurant, a 2 min walk from our Hotel- Holiday Villa Subang. We feasted our eyes on the sumptuous meals presented to us. Mostly spicy but simply delicious South Indian meals. YUMMY!!

Our Home for the Next 3 Days

 A stone throw away and we have now reached our core destination- Holiday Villa Subang Hotel, M'sia

Holiday Subang's Warm Welcome as we check-in


 Dinner at Pizzeria Bella Italian 

Take a pose... and say cheese
Dinner at Pizzeria was along the stretch of other restaurants. The appetizers and not forgetting the soups simply fantastic o! A sweet pondering thought was that although we were significantly tired and pretty much exhausted for the day, we shared a great dinner together immersed with missing our families back home, and not forgetting our dear Liping whom is back at Singapore with Baby Chole and family ~ miss you!

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