Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Step, Next Big Leap

Breaking Animosity & Bridging Peace...

When drawn to animosity, problems manifest within relationships, communication, teamwork, motivation, commitment, leadership as a symptomatic, deeper problem of self-deception.
This is not a narrow work, as it turns out that the problem of self-deception is the problem that lies at the heart of most every "people problem" and every conflict between individuals and groups. This means that lasting solutions to conflicts and lasting improvement in teamwork and cooperation depend on the eradication of the central problem of self-deception.

This understanding is unique to Arbinger, and it means that Arbinger is equipped to take on problems that have seemed to defy solutions before.

 Let us witness Arbinger taken to court:

By taking one step with confidence, Arab and Israeli youths seen in the video today have taken their stand in the court. Now, many teenagers are going through Arbinger training while making life long friendships starting as teammates on the court.

One agency which is using the principals taught by Arbinger is Peace Players International which is helping to resolve centuries old conflicts through basketball. The program is happening in one of the world's hotspots, Jerusalem, Israel.

From Gym Court to Society, imagine the impact now ....The next big leap will break a history of animosity and spread peace to the next generations to come.

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