Monday, October 25, 2010

LOVE? A Sacrifice or Miracle Debate

      What does Love mean to you?

"Love--the feeling--is a fruit of love, the verb." (Stephen R. Covey)

I have been pondering over this week on What the meaning of love is....How we define Love (as love means differently for all).... 

Why is it Love has so much yet so little to talk about? Not only was I deeply engrossed in  Stephen's quote but the insights from a discussion within the community here... further drifted me to capture thoughts, values and invite discoveries pertaining this issue. 

Capturing Controversial Claims over LOVE:

  • My suffering's not false, but my blame is ...
  • A wonder of primal instinct, a wonder of spiritual connection, a wonder of bio-chemical processes 
  • What will be yours?

    But What does love still mean to us? 

    There are many people unaware with what love means for themselves.  What we do know are the acts of love. This could include empathizing with others sharing their stories, generously providing  material/financial ways, helping others with tangible tasks.

    (Martin Luther King)

    "He whom you would change, you must first love."

    This is truly inspiring story of Love and Change;

    Click here:

     What is truly inspiring in Relationships and LOVE

    Herein lies my freedom: The world I encounter springs from my own soul.

    Herein lies my fate: Which world will spring from me?”
    From "The Choice."

    Once again as Love continues so does the discussion to LOVE at the Arbinger Community. 

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