Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Real

Real meaning of words are those that are engraved deep onto one's life, which are intangible and not many people will know and understand not on someone's verbal declaration for emotions such as love sorrow, patience, innocence, departure, pain, respect, compassion, friendship, divine and the list just grows as do our relationships...
                                                                                                                                                                 Delicate Meaning of Words 

Words are a powerful weapon to communicate BLAME!

"Ever wish you could take back something you had said in the heat of the moment?"  

Imagine when we start blaming, we shift responsibility for what's going wrong to someone else consisting of rationalizing words. We are now indulged with irritation, humiliation, self-pity, resentment or frustration and a whole other range of deception thoughts...

When we lie with our emotions and attitudes and often with our words, what are we prepared to LOOSE?  Life is not about waiting for the words to spill and storms to pass ... it's about caring and loving your relatives and friends while you can touch and see them and they are still among us.
Embrace the Journey When Words become Wordless..                

Its a Journey Every Man will take as he passes His Footsteps to the next.....
We have a choice to be there and detach from warring emotions or conflicts

 Where Compassion is more than just handling a handful of cries in the night... Innocence is what remains... and seeing through that is what makes it special. We have a choice

 Where friends are always there right beside you giving you a pat on the back when required, you hold a grudge to their annoying worries, concerns, or needs we also tend to share....  We still have a choice

              Because certain things need not be spoken, may our troubles be less and instead your blessings be more.  Lets always work towards a positive being, and Happiness should always be coming through your door. The place to be happy is here and the time to be happy is now.  The 'choice' to be happy is to Bond Others as so.                                          
 Words are now also a powerful weapon to communicate this Choice.

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