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What is the Anatomy of Service?

An Everyday Service: Going the Extra Mile With a Heart and High-Five.
A shop owner notices a group whom seemed to be loitering in his anti shop towards the closing time.

Shop Owner: " Hi my name is Bob what are yours dudes?" as he raises his hands for a high five...

The uniqueness of his state was one which directed towards 3 young teenagers each with very loud dispositions, hooked up to their Ipods and heavily waxed up hair-dos to direct their attention to the shop owner whom smiled and came forward to establish contact with each of them.

After chatting for a few seconds with the shop owner, one young teenager remarked to his buddies, " Man we gotta buy something!"

As they left the check-out counter, the store owner shot point blank one final blast of
benevolence: “Please visit me again Tom, Bruce & Mike, want to get those similar hairdo's too!”

We get a glimpse when we witness a “random act of kindness.”Only service grace is not random, it is continual.  

What was the Anatomy of service here? A short story but with a great and underlying distinction to what the secret of what Service is all about. Like the teenagers in the opening story, it causes customers to act their best. It can tame hostility, enrich the ordinary, and add “A story to tell” to “I got my money’s worth.”

When one detects an outward giving gesture: as applied in customer service it is this "Sense" which is expressed in an unlikely context, an assertion (or as the book on Anatomy of Peace talks about- 'Way of Being', not a response; an attitude, not a tactic not fake.

Giving way to the "Way of Being"

Service means customers experiencing you pushing it to the top. The pursuit of excellence says to your customers, “You are so important to me that you get my very best.” “Being really good” includes service with an attitude—an unmistakable disposition of joy and confidence. It means staying on top of the subtle signals in the customer’s experience that might disappoint. And, it encompasses insuring customers witness great internal service—co-worker to co-worker.

“When people ask me how do you make it in show business,” says famed actor Steve Martin, “what I always tell them — and nobody ever takes note of it ‘cuz it’s not the answer they wanted to hear. What they want to hear is here’s how you get an agent, here’s how you write a script, here’s how you do this — But I always say: Be so good they can’t ignore you. If somebody’s thinking, ‘How can I be really good?’ people are going to come to you. It’s much easier doing it that way than going to a lot of parties.”

The Way of Being is deeper and more important than Behavior itself! ~

Eliminating Obstacles : When Service is NOT about 
"Take Out the Papers and the Trash"

The expectations of customers are higher than they have ever been. Their patience is shorter and their likelihood of taking their cash elsewhere is greater. That’s a wake-up call to ramp up close attention to the service garbage--whatever hassles customers.

No, it doesn't mean paperwork should be easier and simpler; lines should move faster, be shorter, and customer facing employees should be friendlier and more helpful.

Realize that the Obstacle is Never the Customer. Take a close look at where customers have to work hard to get the service that should come with ease. They came in to give you their cash and too often get treated as if they are an interruption to more important tasks. One way of being is to recognize people- whether customer, boss, co-worker as 'people' or the other as seeing people as Obstacles.
Question is which type of relationship does your brand want with its customers?

Add an Element of Surprise

Service with is delivering an extra, providing a surprise. I call it the Out-of-the -box approach. There is always something magical about an out-of-the-box surprise!

The coolest part is the fact that you never know exactly what is expected. This creates a thrill- unjustifiable happiness so as to speak. It is like a “jack-in-the-box” when the "jack" is going to pop out of the box. Service is like a jack-in-the-box--colorful service is always punctuated by a joyful,
novel surprise retaining attention for years to come and adding value-added relationships with customers.

The next time you are delivering service to someone, give them the 3 service 'Musts'—your very best, with all the hassle removed, and with a joyful surprise added. One insight in the Anatomy of Peace is that behaviors are not as important as trying to understand why we behave in a manner. Organizations can benefit by utilizing this Key tool to "WOW-ing" their customers as nothing outshines than a Great Service!

Your Personal Checklist to Anatomy of Service:

1. Ask yourself are you focused on your own needs, results?
2. Are you open or closed to Correcting yourself?
3. Do you find yourself fully accountable in work, in terms of dealing with a customer 
4. How often do you try and learn and teach others when you can?
5. Do you move too quickly to solutions or perverse delight in problems?
6. How do you find yourself feeling when you earn people's trust?

Because there is only One Thing Dividing a Solution from an Answer, Your Link to Us...

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