Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Walk the Talk- When Problems Arise

Facing a Problem, What Are we Going to Do?
Ozone holes, acid rain, deforestation and shrinking coral reefs crept up on us so easily and caused a huge environmental problem which generations will come to bear.

 The problems do not only stop there... the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, homeless, stranded, terrorism, corruption, illness spreading....

There are always going to be problems with the world. Problems at work, at home within our conscious minds or what we might not know, this may also be a problem...

The biggest problem in the world today though, and one that leads to a myriad of the rest of the world's problems is the lack of accountability or taking ownership ....

Selfishness can be mind boggling at times.

This is not only a major problem in the word today- as there is an excuse for almost everything. From being a responsible citizen, an accountable employee/ employer, selfless parent or understanding spouse. Selfishness plays a definite role in many cases.

Whether we are holding people accountable for their actions, what is important here is our instinctive need to 'justify' our selfishness.

Have your Reserved Justifications ?

1. Our grasp of our self-identity is yet to be defined, but we spend our lives trying to be true to ourselves. Although we try desperately to live up to a definition of ourselves, we have not yet produced. Many of us will never produce it. Some have this idea processed for them by those around them, who -again- spend time defining other people's lives instead of using that time for themselves.

2. We also tend to engage in rituals of mindless self-indulgence, even though we know (both deep down we realize we are compromising in many ways) that these are things we want no part of, things we know will hurt us. This maybe a common situation to relate with-- watching something on TV which that was so 'interesting' and noticed your Mother/ Father/ struggling to finish washing dishes??

3. Our thought processes work better when we are unsuspecting; when our minds have no expectations to live up to. Thus, revelations rarely come when you're trying for them.

What happens if we stop trying to live up to a definition of anything except what we want to be?

It seems that all the energy we spend trying to keep our lives simple and safe would go just as far in trying to make our lives both complex and fulfilling. The next time we jump at the chances to pursue these justifications we must take the ownership to live the lives that we've decided? 

But there is a Solution... This blog is not promoting selfishness. It is about the need to help out individuals who feel  there is a need to Honor the Sense, HONOR YOUR SENSE. The many symptoms owing to Dis-honoring one's senses starts with the lack of motivation, lack in commitment, building up of daily stress, communication problems and failure to live the life we selfishly think we are hoarding to protect. According to ARBINGER my blame, my resentment and indifference diminishes with just ONE concept that will change our Lives.. Learn more about this concept.

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Who says that Change is Impossible? 

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